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Wedge Sandals
One of the most fashionable and, oddly enough, the controversial types of summer shoes. Fashion stylists are not tired to argue that it should be 
treated with extreme caution. First, do not get involved in too high a sole, and secondly, very carefully collect images such bosonozhkami- summer 2015. 
Concerns stylists are not in vain, silhouette owners of low growth platform can visually heavier, and in addition to it you should definitely pick the correct 
length clothes. Contrary to doubts fashion guru summer wedge sandals - Today at the height of fashion. They paid tribute to almost all the leading brands,
presenting several fashion styles and trends. But they are very graceful, devoid of even a hint of roughness and massiveness or platform. 
Designers now see them as a kind of art object: painting and print and applique - the spectacular and expressive decorated sole, so concisely, 
according to the canons of fashion this year, should be the top. The strap across the foot and ankle fixation with beautiful buckle most accurately 
support this design idea. The second and no less interesting trend, which best reflect the 2015 platform sandals - Refined ethnics. 
For the prototype of the classic Spanish designers took espadrilles with ropes woven from durable sole. But these top models, according to today's 
fashion can be quite varied. Textiles, as in the original, or a completely fantasy - of a bright skin with active decor. Such sandals, in any case should 
not be worn with dresses in the style of "folk" or "Boho". They are designed to make a bright dissonance in everyday images. 
The main thing is clearly fashionable to comply with a rule - the higher the platform, the shorter should be the length of skirts, dresses or shorts.
Particular attention is paid to this season of the form of wedges, unlike platforms, today it has acquired a very graceful, literally tocheny form. 
Such models are virtually indispensable for an elegant evening and urban images.
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